Hey, ladies


So, it finally happened. A scenario I had heard about, but thought only existed in fable…. I finally heard this conversation at yoga class tonight:

Scene: just before community vinyasa class. We’re all putting our stuff in cubbies. In walks two dudes, roughly in their early 30s.

Dude 1: wow, it’s mostly women…
Dude 2: oh yeah
Dude 1: yoga is a great place to meet chicks
Dude 2: I didn’t believe you, man..l but yep.

Ok, I admit that it wasn’t a totally nasty exchange. Yes, it could of been worse. But still, I couldn’t believe it was happening and so loudly that the gal stuffing her things in the cubby next to me and I both heard it (and exchanged a knowing look).

and then in class, I kid you not, they set themselves in back and were looking ahead (seeming at us ladies goodies) in downward dog. YUK YUK BARF YUK.

All ridiculousness aside, the incident disturbed me because it changed the environment for me from one of relaxation to one of awkwardness. While I’m not the hottest hottie that ever hotted, I definitely had an “oh crap” moment when I realized I’d left my wedding band at home (I don’t like wearing much jewelry to class). While I was thankfully spared any direct contact from them, just hearing their talk faked me out and made me feel off. Because yoga isn’t a meat market dammit…

Or is it?

Apparently yoga has the great potential to help you get your sexiness on or find that special someone. So much so that you can get steamy with yoga dating sites, find handy guides online about checking out chicks in class, and make sweet, sweet yoga love…Reclining bound angle pose, anyone?

I get it. Humans are sex obsessed. We need it to procreate, it’s fun, good exercise and stress relieving. But does it belong in yoga? With Anusaragate still fresh in my mind, it seems both oddly relevant and repulsive at once. Looking to a yoga class for a hookup completely negates the reason for being there in the first place…. To be present in your practice. You can’t be present in your practice I your checking out booty views in downward facing dog. And honestly, if you are scoping out tail, don’t be an ass about it and ruin the experience of others.

Let’s recap with a quiz!

Yoga classes are for:
A) checking out some sweet sweet ass
B) bringing your bro to get lucky
C) doing yoga
D) tantric Wiccan sex fest

What was your answer?


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